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Keep food fresh up to 3 times longer


Good food deserves to be well prepared and stored, and that doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Quva has devised a unique system for vacuum packing food super-fast and easy, so it can be stored up to 3 times longer.

The patented system doesn’t take up any extra space on your kitchen countertop, which will keep your kitchen sleek and tidy.

Product features

  • Ingredients stay fresh and flavourful longer by vacuum packing, which also greatly reduces the risk of freezer burn.
  • The system works with various reusable accessories, which prevents waste.
  • Thanks to the fast pop-up system, Quva is always within reach and ready for use.


for every household

Marinate in 10 minutes

The specially designed Quva containers, combined with the Quva Marinate Mode, make it possible to marinate within 10 minutes.

Ingredients keep their flavour

Vacuum packing food can keep it fresh up to 3 times longer.

Sous-vide cooking like a chef

After all, nothing beats a tender piece of meat or fish whose natural flavours and juices have been preserved during the process. Quva vacuum bags are suitable for sous-vide preparation.

Wine stays delicious

The Quva wine stoppers will keep your opened wine bottles delicious for several additional days.

the smartest




Steven Slot

I am one of the first Quva testers and have used the product for quite some time now. It is super handy and very well build. Because it is so easy to use we actually use it a lot.


Stef Cuypers

The Quva design is great. I love some of the smart solutions that they have developed. The black version is beutiful. I have done a lot of testing with the product and I am impressed by the quality.


Silvia Buitjes

Quva is nice and very handy. My partner has installed it and that was very easy. I think it is a great way to reduce food waste.


Enjoy even longer

Stays fresh up to 3x longer



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