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our philosophy

why we started Quva

At Quva we care about food and we care about our planet. We believe that we can make an impact by inspiring people with a unique and easy to use product. We started rethinking the way we store food and designing our product range early on in 2016. Our journey has been intense and we have faced several setbacks, but we’ve managed to overcome them all. We are blessed with a number of very supportive friends, partners and investors that have a strong belief in the Quva products and team. We’ve made it to the point of finalizing the designs for ordering production tools.

our journey

almost production ready

We started the development of the Quva system in early 2016. Since then a great team of engineers, designers and foodlovers has worked on making Quva the best vacuum food saving systems on the market, by improving the range of products one step at a time.

Our engineers were challenged to make a super durable, detachable and retractable tube system and to make a double spring and damper pop-up system for effortless operation. Designing the system to block liquids from entering the system gave our lead engineer some sleepless nights, but after several prototypes we managed to develop a rock solid solution.

At Quva we not only share a passion for food, we also love engineering and design challenges!


Quva is supported by and partnered with many great people. To get where we are today would not have been possible without Walter, Marion, Henco, Bauke, Geert-Jan, Richard, Jens, Carla, Jaap, Arie, Jorg, Steven, Dionne, Rogier, Thijs, Arif, Jelle, Coen, Emile, Douglas, Yim, and many, many more. Our development partner Pezy Group has done an outstanding job, working closely together with the Quva team on a product that really rocks!