Quva not only helps keep food fresh longer, thanks to a number of additional functions you can easily put a delicious dinner on the table.

Marinate in 10 minutes

The specially designed Quva containers, combined with the Quva Marinade function, make it possible to marinate within ten minutes. This special Marinade function runs through  the  complete vacuum process five times in a short period of time, allowing the marinade to penetrate deep into the food. It’s simply handy, quick and easy.

Ingredients stay fresh

Wonderful ingredients deserve to be well preserved. By vacuum packing, food can be stored up to three times longer. No wonder  vacuum packing technology has already been integrated in the kitchens of many of the best restaurants. The special Quva food storage bags are very easy to use and protect against, among other things, freezer burn. The food containers  and wine stoppers are super-durable and can be used for years in keeping food fresher longer

Sous-vide like a chef

There’s a good reason why sous-vide is one of the trends in modern cuisine. With this cooking technique, vacuum-packed food is cooked very slowly, which means that all the natural flavours and juices are optimally preserved. It’s an easy way to match the quality level of star chefs, at home. And it’s now even easier when preparing dishes with a Quva!

Wine stays delicious

“Great wine can be saved for decades, but once opened the rich and deep aromas will quickly disappear! Quva wine stoppers keep your opened wine bottles more flavourful for many days, and can be used to preserve the aromas of other liquids and oils as well.

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