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Enjoy better food
and create less waste.

We believe food deserves to be treated and preserved in a better way! Quva is a one-of-a-kind system that helps you keep your food fresh, up to five times longer. This patented system blends perfectly into your kitchen interior and is incredibly easy to use.  Quva helps you to enjoy better food and reduce waste.

  • better food & less waste

  • blends perfectly in your kitchen

  • quick marinade function

  • space saving

  • for sous vide cooking preperation

  • full range of accessoiries


product & features
Fully integrated
with easy pop-up
Retractable tube
for a smooth and
easy operation
Backlit buttons
for 3 modes

Foodsaving devices based on the vacuum principle have been around for decades. The benefits are clear; food stored in vacuum can be kept fresh up to 5 times longer. Furthermore they open up a range of other possibilities such as fast marinating and sous-vide cooking. But let’s face it, nobody wants another device on their kitchen workspace. That is why Quva is fully integrated. It does not occupy space but is always stand-by for when you need it. Smart, fast  and very elegant!

Auto switch-off
when vacuum is reached
Liquid stop
protects the system
from liquids
Audi feedback
for all modes

Keeps your food fresher
and last longer.


container, bags and winestop

Quva comes with a set of specially designed, dishwasher proof containers.  They are made of super durable Tritan so you can use them time and time again and really save money! The snap fit feature allows hands free operation once you have connected your Quva connentor to your container, making the air removal process really easy!

  • ultra strong Tritan
  • BPA free
  • stackable & nestable
  • three sizes
  • microwave & freezer proof
  • easy vacuum release button
  • snap fit for handsfree use


The multi-layer, BPA-free zipper bags are ideal for longer term storage of many items such as meat, fish, vegetables and hard cheeses. They block out air and help prevent freezer burn. Unlike most of the vacuum bags from other brands the Quva bags are re-usable.

  • re-usable zipper bag
  • two different sizes
  • BPA free
  • suitable for freezer and fridge
  • sous-vide proof
  • high durability

The special Quva winestops help you to keep your wine delicious for several additional days after opening. The snap fit feature allows hands free operation. The winestop can also be used to maintain the quality and taste of other liquids and extend its freshness once the bottle is opened. Fits standard wine bottles.

  • fits on all wine bottles
  • BPA free
  • save wine and other liquids
  • snap fit for handsfree use
  • easy vacuum release button

sous vide cooking

for excellent tasting results

Unsurprisingly, sous-vide cooking is becoming increasingly popular with home cooks. Keeping the juices and rich flavors inside while slowly cooking your food leads to unparalleled results. There is no easier and faster way to prepare your food for sous-vide cooking, than by using Quva and its specially designed vacuum bags. Make your dinners unforgettable.

Sous vide (literally ‘under vacuum’, in French) is a cooking technique that offers you unparalleled control over whatever it is you are trying to cook. With the sous vide technique food is prepared in a vacuum bag, placed in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath. It is a super simple way to achieve professional-quality results at home.

fast marinade

in 10 minutes

Nothing beats the tender, sweet and spicy taste of a well marinated piece of meat or fish. Traditional marinades take hours to slowly infuse flavor into food. With the Quva marinate mode this takes less than 10 minutes. The specially designed fast marinade container, combined with the marinade function on the device, runs a number of cycles of removing air and releasing the vacuum in order to deeply infuse the marinade in your food. You’ll be ready for your BBQ in no time!

facts on foodwaste

of all food
is wasted
per year
avarage waste
per houshold
of four
2 billion
could be fed for
a year with the
amount of food
wasted in the
USA only