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Installing the Quva system is easy but requires drilling in your kitchen countertop. Therefor we recommend to have this done by a qualified technician. After drilling a 102 mm hole it is a simple 6 step installation that requires nothing more than two hands and a screwdriver. No additional drilling or screwing necessary!
Quva allows two installation methods. The surface mounting method is easiest as it only requires drilling a 102 mm hole in the kitchen countertop.  With the flush mounting method the metal rim is sunken/flush with your kitchen countertop. This looks great but requires drilling and milling.


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This depends on the type of food and the storage method. Removing moist and air has a significant impact on the shelve life of most types of food but not on all. Further it also depends on how long food has been exposed to increased temperature and other factors.

We have designed Quva and its accessories to perform at least at the level of the incumbent producers of vacuum foodsaving devices.


The Quva is very energy efficient. Maximum power is 24W and stand-by power is less than 1W

Quva can only guarantee proper functioning of its own accessories. Due to the high forces that are related to the vacuum that is created we strongly recommend not to use containers from other brands. Bags with zipper and valve from other manufacturers that are compatible with the Quva system are available and can be used.

Orders and delivery

We plan to ship the first products end of Q1 2019. Exact shipment timing depends on the release testing and may shift

You will be able to order extra accessories through the Quva website after launch.

Warranty & service

Our limited warranty is 2 years on all parts. Proof of purchase is required to initiate any warranty requests.

Spare parts

Spare parts, such as the retracteable tube with adapater,  can be ordered via the Quva website or via the Quva service department


The Quva device comes with a 100-240V automatic power adapter. The device operates on 12 Volt. Maximum power is 24W.

As the installation requires drilling and possibly milling in your kitchen furniture, we do not recommend consumers to install the product themselves. We recommend engaging a qualified technician for the installation.

Quva does not have an installation service.

The surface mounting method is the easiest. The metal rim is positioned on top of your kitchen countertop. This method only required drilling a 102mm hole in the kitchen countertop.  With the flush mounting method the brushed metal rim is sunken/flush with your kitchen countertop.  To prepare your countertop for placement of your Quva, drilling and milling is required. It is more laborious and will required a skilled professional.