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Mounting the Quva system is effortless. The hardest part is choosing the position in your kitchen where you want it, and drilling a 4” hole. After that it is a simple 6 step installation that requires nothing more than two hands and a screwdriver. No additional drilling or screwing necessary!
Quva allows two mounting methods. The surface mounting method is easiest as it only requires drilling a 4 inch hole in the kitchen countertop.  With the flush mounting method the brushed metal rim is sunken/flush with your kitchen countertop.  To prepare your countertop for placement of your Quva using the flush mounting option, drilling and milling is required. It is more laborious and will required a skilled professional.


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This totally depends on the type of food and the storage method. Removing moist and air has a significant impact on the shelve life of most goods but not on all types of goods. When you receive your pre-order we will include a table with the most commonly used types of food and the best storage method, including an indication on the maximum storage time.

We have designed Quva and it’s accessories to perform at least at the level of the incumbent producers of foodsaving devices.  With our current prototypes we already achieve a level of -75%kPa which already has a significant impact. We will further optimize this as we come closer to the launch.


The Quva device works on 12 Volt. Each customers that pre-orders the Quva system will receive the product with a power adapter with the right output for the Quva system that will work for his or her country.

We do have customers asking for a plug and play version that requires no installation.  At the moment the Quva team is working hard on producing the easiest and most efficient integrated vacuum foodsaving system. Integration offers a number of advantages over a plug and play version.  Once we have delivered the integrated system to our backers we will further work on future products.

Orders and delivery

The Quva team is working very hard on the production start. We plan to ship the first products in Q3 2018.

You will be able to order extra accessories through our Quva website once we get close to the delivery date. We will not sell Quva accessories through regular retails as we want to keep the prices as low as possible for our customers. We want you to save food and money and not increase the profits of big retailers. 

Warranty & service

We construct our product to last.  We thoroughly test all the mechanical and electronic components. Further our modular construction allows you to replace specific modules after years and years of using your Quva without having to buy a completely new system. Our limited warranty is 3 years. Proof of purchase is required to initiate any warranty requests. Within the warranty period Quva will ship at Quva’s expense replacement parts/modules to you for reparing your Quva.  If you prefer to have your Quva fixed by a Quva technician, you can send the product to Quva at your own costs. The repaired Quva will be send back to you at Quva costs if within the warranty period.

The key modules of the device such as the housing and the pop- up unit have a 3 year warrantee. After this period replacement modules can be ordered with at special prices.

Spare parts

Spare parts, such as the retracteable tube with adapater,  can be ordered via the Quva website after the Kickstarter pre-orders have been delived.


At this moment Quva does not have an installation service. So unfortunately not. You will receive your pre-order with a very clear installation manual. In case of doubt we advise you to contact your local carpenter or cabinet/kitchen maker.

The surface mounted method is the easiest. The brushed metal rim is positioned on top of your kitchen countertop. This method only required drilling a 4 inch hole in the kitchen countertop.  With the flush mounting method the brushed metal rim is sunken/flush with your kitchen countertop.  To prepare your countertop for placement of your Quva, drilling and milling is required. It is more aborious and will required a skilled professional.