Why Quva

Kitchen appliances for vacuum packing have been around for decades. The advantage is clear: food stored under vacuum conditions can stay fresh for up to three times longer. But let’s be honest, nobody wants another appliance on the kitchen counter. That’s why Quva is fully integrated. Thanks to this unique concept, Quva doesn’t take up any extra space. Your kitchen stays sleek and tidy. Quva is equipped with various vacuum functions for different applications and is supplied, as standard, with two high-quality Quva food containers, two Quva wine stops and ten Quva zipper bags.

Because the accessories are reusable, it helps you to prevent waste and enjoy better food.

Automatic stop function

As soon as the right vacuum level is reached, the Quva system switches off automatically.

Liquid stop

Protects the device against liquids getting into it and ensures years of trouble-free use.

Audio feedback

Ensures that it is clear when the vacuum process is complete. Simple and clear.

Fully integrated with pop-up

The unique pop-up construction ensures that the Quva is always ready for use, without getting in the way.

Quva can also be flush mounted in your kitchen countertop for an even sleeker and more elegant appearance.

Automatic retraction system

The vacuum hose automatically retracts after use. It can be disconnected for cleaning or replacement after years of use, if necessary.

LED illuminated buttons

The three functions can be activated at the touch of a button. The buttons have subtle backlighting which makes them easy to read.



Fresh food containers

The extremely durable Quva containers come in two sizes, and they are easily stackable, suitable for freezer, and of course 100% BPA free. They are super-durable and can be used for years to keep food fresh for longer.

Fresh food bags

Quva bags are reusable, suitable for sous-vide, microwave and freezer, and are BPA free.

Wine stopper

Quva wine stoppers fit on any wine bottle and have a handy button to release the vacuum seal in one go.

They keep your opened wine bottles extra flavourful for several additional days and can be used to preserve the aromas and flavours of other liquids and oils as well.


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